A house in Canyamel in beautiful surroundings

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Your new home in Canyamel meets your high demands of the property and its surroundings just perfectly. Now you want to get more impressions of Mallorca itself.

Have you ever taken a jeep tour? – No? – Then it is just about time! On Mallorca is where you can book all-day jeep tours, enjoy the picturesque nature, the individual properties and the beauty of the island. You can choose from different areas of the island. You can book tours traveling through the north, south, southeast or northeast of Mallorca.

Terrace of a property with a sea view (Canyamel)

Dream of a property in a great location, Canyamel, Mallorca

First, you will be picked up from a nearby spot. Your starting point would be your new home in dreamlike Canyamel, which you have fallen in love with immediately after rummaging through our property portfolio.

You are experiencing a fabulous day in the jeep from 9am to 7pm. You and your group ride through mountains and valleys, taking breaks at different locations. In between, guests can enjoy a meal at an original, typical Spanish restaurant. During your trip, you learn a lot about the flora of Mallorca, about the history of the island and centuries old traditions of Mallorca.

Anyone who has not yet experienced such a journey by jeep wouldn’t know what they’re missing out on! It is a completely different way to discover your newly adopted home of Mallorca! And why wouldn’t you want to leave your dream property regularly and explore other regions of Mallorca? What a great way to explore the island that you will call your future primary residence or second home!

After the Jeep Tour, you will return home to your exclusive house in Canyamel with many happy memories. You just love your house. Here you knock off the dust from the jeep tour and swim in the pool of your generous property. What a great way to start your new life in the perfect property (villa, house, finca) in Canyamel!

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