A house in Llucmajor – A Life with Mediterranean flair

With a property in Mallorca you can reside comfortably and in charming fashion in Llucmajor. That’s because aside from the noisy and turbulent southern coast, the backlands of the largest Balearic island offer all the basics for a high quality life.

Located twenty kilometers east of Palma, Llucmajor flirts with fantastic properties and typically Mediterranean flair: In addition to the small and winding streets, Llucmajor is mainly known for its market place, which is considered the finest of the whole island. In the local long-established cafes and restaurants, they know how to treat the guests to local specialties for decades.

Also regularly on the schedule here is the weekly market, which is part of the solid tradition of Llucmajor. The seemingly historical cityscape with buildings such as the parish church of San Miguel or the historic town hall from 1882 underlines the dreamy atmosphere.

Leave your Finca in Llucmajor and explore Mallorca!

House in Llucmajor with spacious outdoor swimming pool

Luxury House meets Perfection, Llucmajor, Mallorca

Meanwhile the beauty of the natural surroundings of Llucmajor seeks its beautiful peers, that is provided with a panoramic view from one of the inland hills: cypress and lemon trees, wide grassland in the Majorcan sun, and on the horizon – the Mediterranean coast with fantastic rock formations and serpentines.

Here is where numerous hidden coves and small fishing villages are just waiting to be discovered and to share their secrets, which makes for unforgettable moments in the immediate vicinity of your home. The inhabitants of the region, mostly farmers or artisans, appreciate the advantages of this region, where time almost seems to be running slower than the rest of the world. Those seeking peace and seclusion are therefore well advised with a house in Llucmajor, partly also because of the airport of Palma de Mallorca, for example, for business, can be reached in well under an hour.


A house, a finca or an apartment in Llucmajor will make your Mediterranean dream come true.