Your own house in San Carlos – A dream comes true

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You are fortunate to be able to search for a house on Ibiza. Among all the exclusive properties, it was a spacious house in San Carlos, that fit all your high expectations! An own property in Ibiza in San Carlos symbolizes a special quality of life!

A new property in San Carlos offers a fabulous opportunity for a fresh start under Ibiza’s sun. Leave your old life behind and look forward to the varied time in your property in San Carlos. The former hippie village attracts with numerous activities that you can take on. Visit the village of Las Dalias, which lies a few kilometers from San Carlos.

House with pool and palm trees (San Carlos)

House in a fantastic location and a unique view, San Carlos, Ibiza

Find exclusive food in lively restaurants, the all weekly Hippie Market on Saturday and also some evening entertainment. Especially at the hippy market, you can not only find exceptionally colorful clothes, but also exceptionally colorful people. This market is a meeting place for many artists and Dreamers, who can be drawn into a good talk about painting or literature. You will soon notice that San Carlos has a lot to offer outside of your property.

The neighboring Santa Eulalia is another exciting destination, but compared to your property in San Carlos, this trip only a small step toward paradise.

You see, San Carlos offers varied events, which you can visit. But what is most important: you were already able to make one or two friends here and are eagerly anticipating what your future in your new house may accompany.

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