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Especially in the new year 2016, there are tons to experience in Sóller. The most important historical festival of Sóller – It Firó Moros y Cristianos – is something you should not miss in any case. During the second week of May, the victory of the inhabitants of Sóller on the Algerian pirates (May 11, 1951) is celebrated every year. Spread over a week, visitors are offered quite a lot: music and dance, colorful stalls, exhibitions of crafts and paintings and much more. The adventurous highlight of the ceremony “It Firo” is reached on May 09. Here the historic battle’s positive outcome is re-enacted and celebrated with colorful costumes, wooden swords, guns and lots of fun.

At the end of an eventful week so you will return home with many impressions and look forward to more great festivals that await you on Mallorca. Whether you visit Puerto de Sóller, Cala Millor or Andratx – on Mallorca you will always have a wide range of events that you can visit and places you can explore in full curiosity and with open ears.

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