A house in Valldemossa with a high quality of life

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Located just 20 minutes from Palma de Mallorca, Valldemossa is where real estate dreams will soon come true. Surrounded by towering mountains and beautiful valleys, you will find your new center of life amidst the cobbled streets. Apart from that, you can find our stylish and high quality properties in Valldemossa – something you shouldn’t miss!

In Chopin’s footsteps in your new home in Valldemossa, Mallorca

Modern house with pool (Valldemossa)

A house specifically for design enthusiasts, Valldemossa, Mallorca 

Valldemossa is not only a fabulous location for your future first or second home – in addition to that, you will also find plenty of culture here. The Polish composer Frederic Chopin spent the winter of 1838 here with his girlfriend – the writer George Sand, in a room of the convent, they rented for themselves.

The result of this experience was a book “A winter in Mallorca” which became a bestseller and is now sold in almost all stores in Valldemossa. If this book is not one of your collection of extraordinary books, it is now an appropriate time to spend a cozy afternoon reading “A winter in Mallorca” in your new home.

Based on Chopin’s time in Valldemossa, the Chopin Festival now takes place here annually. In 2016, the festival will take place on Sundays on the 09.08, 16.08, 23.08 and on the 30.08. Here you are offered wonderful classical music – of course by Chopin but also by other artists. For you, as a classical fan, this is just the right thing.

You should definitely browse around our real estate portfolio asap and find the right house or a luxurious villa for in Valldemossa – and then make your way to Mallorca as quickly as possible! Then, in August, invite all your friends to your new property, so you guys can check out the Chopin Festival together! What a wonderful ambience – a starry summer night with classical music in original island setting!

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