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The options to travel the world are almost limitless nowadays. Within a matter of a few hours, we are able to reach hotspots at the end of the world and can we reach immerse ourselves in foreign cultures and experience new things. Visiting Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris or remote islands and marvel at dream stalls in Mauritius, Thailand or marvelling at the beauty of nature at the Maldives.


Inspiration Travels - A source for your HOME

The Maldives – the specialty location of Sabine Beyer. When the native swabian visited the islands for the first time in 1983, it was love at first sight and the birth of STOP OVER TRAVEL. The Maldives became her passion and HOME away from home. “Everyone should visit this place at least once in their life. Because there are dream places where time stans still, we are able recover intensively and find our way back to ourselves” says Sabine Beyer.


For almost 30 years, the entrepreneur has been creating custom trips to the beaches of the islands with her team “holidays madewithlove”. Each trip is unique – always new and inspirationally compiled after the most personal wishes of her many customers. Depending on what the customer is really looking for: Peace. Luxury. Inspiration. Fitness for the body. Harmony for the soul. Her credo: #lovetotravelyou

But with all these numerous trips to the powder-soft beaches with palm trees, it is always nice to come back to a familiar place and recharge your batteries. Then, it’s time for your source of energy – your HOME.

AT HOME. To Sabine Beyer, this means reaching within, feeling safe and feeling comfortable. “My personal retreat. My lion’s den “.
The living room is her favourite room, where she prefers to spend her time. She often sits on the window sill and lets her mind wander. Everything is open and very generously designed the first thing she does as she gets home is letting light into the apartment and opening all windows. The quiet lovely terrace makes one feel like one’s in midst of greenery. Pure relaxation.

This location of rest is important for Sabine Beyer, this is where she can relax her mind through meditation in form of Kriya Yoga and is thus able to cope with stresses of the everyday calmly. Therefore, it is not surprising that her most important piece of furniture is an Indian prayer temple from the 18th century. And if wanderlust should try take over again, the destination is already set: The Maldives and other new global hotspots.

STOP OVER TRAVEL reflects only a portion of her zest for action. Sabine Beyer’s milestones include:

  • online portal of all islands of the Maldives
  • Editor of the cookbook “THE VITALE KRANZBACH KITCHEN”
  • Exclusive travel columnist for the lifestyle magazine “SEASON”
  • Jewellery designer, diamond ring SOLITAIRE I Necklace and Studs for MARRYING


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