Interior ideas for kids’ rooms

Whether you’re decorating an infant’s nursery or a preteen’s hideaway, the design of your child’s bedroom can be as sophisticated and stylish as your own. Browse our simple tips to create a cosy and timeless space you’ll both adore.

Interior ideas for kids' roomsThe Baby’s Room

The nursery is a shared domain for parents and their newborns to feel comfortable in. Incorporate a sofa or a daybed for naps or as a cosy cuddle corner. There’s no need to adhere to traditional pink or blue when decorating a baby’s room. Embrace the current interior trend for a gender-neutral palette or plump for soft monochromes to promote a calm atmosphere.   Add whimsical trinkets such as dreamcatchers and mobiles to capture your child’s attention. These imagination-boosting pieces double up as decorative items, too. Adorning the walls with personal quotes is a classic technique for an infant’s interior. Settle on a traditional proverb in calligraphy, or opt for a meaningful word or shorter phrase on a neon sign. Experiment with textures and colours, whether sheepskin rugs, animal-shaped pillows or textured quilts. Scattering bright and tactile pieces around the room will help your child discover the world as he or she grows.

The Toddler’s Den

Evoke treasured memories in a toddler’s room by framing their art. Pasta pictures, handprints or the first time they wrote their own name can appear pleasingly abstract when displayed effectively. Alternatively, exhibit brightly coloured children’s books with appealing covers. Keep the space pristine when it’s not in use by choosing toys, games and useful items that are easy to hide away. A fold-up tent or tipi is a space-saving way to transform a plain bedroom into a wonderland. Opt for dual-purpose furniture, such as seating with drawers underneath. Toy chests are indispensable as they look sweet while doubling up as storage, a bedside table or a seat. An open-floor plan allows your toddler the creativity to turn the environment into their own. Try a loft bed to free up plenty of space – whether for play or to stack up toys and games.

The Pre-teen’s Haven

Young minds can change quickly, so it’s worth putting a lot of thought into decorating your child’s room. To avoid frequent and drastic redesigns, try wall stick-ons combined with smaller themed accessories such as linen, bunting and toys. A farmyard or railway-track rug means your child can use the whole room for play. Or if an item you can tuck away is preferable, a table with scenes drawn on its surface produces the same effect. Encourage more play by utilising the walls. Cover them in chalkboard paint to encourage impromptu sketching sessions or install a giant world map to pique curiosity. Adding a magnetic strip to the wall allows your child to create a photo or magnet display that can be rearranged. For storage, use the full height of a room by installing high shelves or commando nets above beds. Hanging pockets on doors minimise the number of items you’ll need to keep at ground level.

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