Interior trend: coverlet or bedspread?

Coverlets and bedspreads: a seemingly similar set of blankets with significant differences. Deciding between the two boils down to the style of your room, your personal tastes and the climate you reside in. Our essential guide will help you settle on the best bedding for your space.


Interior trend: coverlet or bedspread?



Length is the predominant factor to consider. Reaching the top of the bed skirt, a coverlet is much shorter than a bedspread, which should just about graze the floor. Home stylist Annie Selkie told in the online magazine Elle Decor that the former is more modern than the latter due to its shorter design. As a result, the coverlet suits rooms that feature a contemporary interior design.

The thinner construction of the traditional coverlet also increases its popularity in warmer climates, where lightweight bed covers are preferable.  

How to style a coverlet

As the coverlet’s length leaves the entire bed skirt exposed, a range of styling possibilities opens up. Matching the coverlet with the bed skirt is an elegant way to complement a room’s minimalist aesthetic. This balance can be achieved by opting for subdued, earthy tones.

In the cooler months, pair a patterned coverlet with a neutral-hued quilt for an eye-catching contrast. Lay the two flat on your bed, or allow the coverlet to accent the blanket by folding it across the end of the bed.


A bedspread is larger than a coverlet. It should obscure the entire bed, flowing past the sides of the mattress and resting gently on the floor.

As the bedspread is more traditional in design than a coverlet, it’s the ideal cover for a room with a classic decor. A bedspread is a popular choice in cooler climates, where it’s often utilised to add another layer of warmth.

How to style a bedspread

Bedspreads are ideal for cultivating a timeless and refined interior design. To this end, several are produced  in classic patterns or prints, with some featuring intricate embroidery or brocade detailing along the edges.

Keep these decorative details in mind when adding a bedspread to your room. Either opt for a design with subtle contrasting prints or choose a plain fabric in a neutral tone.

Although the blanket will obscure the bed skirt during the day, it’s worth remembering that it will still be visible when you peel back the covers. A bed skirt in a soft hue complements a patterned bedspread and prevents clashing patterns.

How you decorate your bed anchors the style of your entire room. Plumping for a coverlet instantly sparks a simple, stark or modern effect, while opting for a bedspread places the room firmly into the realms of the traditional.

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