Interior Trend: Home bar

For many of us, entertaining isn’t just for Christmas, it’s part of life. After all, what’s the point in a dream home if you never get to show it off? Whether it’s friends or family, readying your home for visitors requires a healthy dose of planning and often a touch of ingenuity to create that all-important ‘wow’ factor. Here are some key considerations for creating the ultimate hallmark of hosting luxury: the home bar.


Interior Trend: Home bar



Where you choose to install your home bar makes all the difference. Until you know exactly where it’s going to go, you can’t even get started on the design. The key to successful placement is understanding how you’re going to use the bar. Is it a secluded hideaway to retreat with friends, or will it be the focal point of the party?

Most people opt to integrate their home bar design into their primary entertaining space. If you’re lucky enough to live in warmer climes this could even be outdoors. If there’s no room for a home bar in your main entertainment space, consider stocking up a portable trolley. Not only will this keep the space free of clutter, but it offers maximum versatility. Bear in mind that your home bar design will need to incorporate running water and electricity to be at its most functional.


The bar itself is not the only thing to think about. Just as crucial to an impressive home bar design is impressive home bar furniture. You’ll need somewhere comfortable and stylish for guests to sit, as well as all the associated amenities necessary for a party.

If most gatherings at your place are intimate affairs, it’s worth looking into placing a few tall stools at the bar. For larger groups, why not lead your guests over to a more spacious and comfortable seating area, where they can be served their favourite tipple?

Spruce the bar area up with house plants, wall decorations and a home entertainment system or high quality stereo. After all, even a close group of friends may need the odd conversation starter.

Finishing touches

Designing a home bar that’s the envy of all your friends isn’t as simple as simply stocking a few shelves with drinks. If you want to get it exactly right, you’ll need to understand the importance of detail.

Stock top quality glasses that are matched to different drinks. That means dedicated glasses for wine, beer and cocktails, both long and short. If you’re going to be serving certain beverages regularly, consider using appropriately branded glasses. Other essential accessories include shakers, muddlers, stirrers and the all-important napkins.

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