Interior Trend: Monochrome

As iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel once said “I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” Together, black and white create the ideal blend of modern meets classic, feminine meets masculine, and minimalism meets elegance. Here are a few easy ways in which you can incorporate 2016’s monochrome trend into your property, whatever the size and existing decor.

monochromeFind the perfect match

Not only do black and white complement each other extremely well, they can also be easily introduced into a variety of existing room styles. Subtly balance the feminine and masculine elements in your home by combining dark wood features with a light rug or delicate silk textiles. Alternatively, for a bolder effect, try clean­cut marble furniture with modern, black accessories in the dining area, or a minimalist white­themed bedroom punctuated by opulent black accessories such as fur throws.

Make a big statement

Turn your floors and walls into talking points by decorating them with striking monochrome designs. For smaller apartments, opt for one colour for the walls and the opposite for the floor to create the impression of more space. Larger spaces allow more scope for experimentation – consider chequered black and white floors with sweeping pinstriped walls for a classic, elegant look.

Combine patterns and textures

Monochrome accessories are a quick and easy addition to your living space and will instantly create a sense of coordination. Echo art deco and 20th century interiors with square, herringbone and chevron patterns, all of which have seen a 21st century revival. Other ways to create a vintage look include incorporating marbled pieces, stripes and polka dots.

Turn things inside out

Take the trend outside to create a modern garden, veranda or outdoor space. Black and white stripes can give a terrace a “tent room” or canopy look, creating a sense of luxury and a black­tie atmosphere. Reverse the expected outdoor trend of wood and natural tones with striking black and white garden furniture and accessories. A simple monochrome outdoor seating suite makes an instant design statement. Alternatively, keep things simple with white or black stone additions throughout your outdoor space.

Try the new monochrome

Designers continue to revolutionise traditional monochrome. A new, softer take on the look is to contrast black with off­white shades and cream, rather than stark white. Mixing monochrome with natural materials such as wood, cotton or plants, is another increasingly popular way to make a bold, but slightly warmer and less austere statement. It’s also an effective way to introduce additional textures to your living space.

Whether you’re looking for a property that already incorporates a monochrome theme, or one with plenty of decorative potential, contact ​Engel & Völkers​ today. Our local experts can guide you through our extensive portfolio, helping you to find your dream home.

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