Interior trend: tiling

Tiling is a simple and effective way to upgrade your interior design. Whether installed as flooring or on walls, for practical reasons or as a decorative statement, there are a variety of ways to incorporate tiles into your home décor.

Interior trend: tilingHere’s a rundown of the tiling interior trends to take advantage of this year.


Tiling lends itself well to patterning; just think of ancient mosaics.

Modern geometric and chevron patterns are particularly in vogue for use in flooring. An innovative new technique is to create a ‘rug’ effect with a patch of alternating, bright or patterned tiles forming a shape in the centre of a room. This design can be used to either delineate between spaces or to span across multiple rooms and create fluid movement between them.

There’s no need to stick to square floor tiles, either. Hexagon, arabesque, diamond and half-circle tiles are all visually attractive, especially in contrasting colours.


Textures are playing a major role in the latest tiling trends. Unsurprisingly, a sought-after design is the use of a 3D effect. To reproduce this bold style, choose waved, folded and raised geometric patterns to formulate a focal point in a kitchen or bathroom.

Wood still has its place in interior design, especially when tiled. Opt for a cross-grain effect; the kind of surface seen on a tree stump. The rings create depth and dimension, which is aesthetically pleasing when used to tile living spaces.

A new interior trend in 2016 is brick tiling. Exposed brickwork has thus far been limited to clinical, warehouse-style interiors, but patterned clay floor and wall tiles are much more adaptable for use in alternate home décor themes. Rustic or polished, large or small, the trend is broad with brick tiles. Marble, porcelain and wood wall and floor tiles are making an appearance this year, too.

The concept of tiling is also emerging as a way to create objet d’art in modern interiors. Hanging up several of the same pop art or graffiti print canvases in a line creates a colourful and eye-catching tiled illusion.


This year sees neutral and grey palettes with warm undertones leading the way in interior design. When patterned wall and floor tiles are used, however, anything goes: from paintbox brights to blue hues.

Stay ahead of the game by embracing the incoming interior trend for painted wood. This combines the ongoing interest in natural textures with a desire to bring colour into tiling, for added variety.

Metallic floor and wall tiles are a modern way to make your tiling stand out – and are not merely a trend for your splashback. A single shiny tile incorporated here and there will bring a modern spin to your interior design. Choose rose gold is advisable, a shade that has remained popular in home interiors since 2015 due to the continuing preference for warm tones.

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