Would you like to sell your property?

For most customers the top priority is to attain the best possible price, closely followed by the desire to sell the property within a reasonable time frame.

Our strength: An international network

Engel & Völkers is represented in 700 locations in 37 countries. What started 30 years ago as a small office in the Elbe suburbs of Hamburg, Germany, has become an internationally successful, multi-award-winning and steadily growing license partner system. The Engel & Völkers network spans the entire globe and has branches in Europe, Asia, as well as North and South America. Our customers have confidence in our brand – be it in Dubai or in New York. Our more than 6,000 expert consultants have access to a huge number of potential buyers from around the world. Our unique network allows for a fast, professional marketing of your real estate. Due to its extensive, high quality customer base, our global marketing system significantly increases your chances of finding a suitable buyer for your property.

Your choice: The right partner

Having an external service provider handle your realty affairs is without a doubt a matter of trust. Whatever the reasons for the sale my be: The decision to sell your home inevitably goes hand in hand with closing a chapter of your life and dealing with personal memories. Giving up your home is more than an emotional challenge. It is also a very complex procedure involving property valuations and determining suitable marketing strategies for finding the right buyer within a reasonable time frame. This process should, without a doubt, be handled by an expert who takes the needs of his customers seriously and offers first-class service.

Determining a successful marketing strategy begins with assessing the value of the real estate. A thorough knowledge of the market and extensive specialist knowledge are the hallmarks of our consultants worldwide. Our standardised shop concept and our individual marketing strategy ensure the highest possible market presence of your property.

Do you still have any questions? Then feel free to contact an Engel & Völkers representative from your region or visit an Engel & Völkers shop near you – we are looking forward to meeting you!