Living sustainably: Helping to help you protect the climate

Sustainability is currently a hot topic in the homes and construction sector. In light of progressing climate change and shrinking resources worldwide, it’s one of the most important issues to consider.

Living sustainably

One of the most prominent representatives campaigning for sustainable living is the Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio. “I drive a hybrid car and buy my food almost exclusively from sustainably-sourced wholefood shops”, he explains. “Buying organic foods, separating waste correctly, using energy-saving bulbs throughout the house. It comes down to these small things.”

Building awareness

Leonardo DiCaprio couldn’t have said it any better. We can make an important contribution towards protecting the environment and the climate, if we pay attention to the day to day details. If you wish to change to a sustainable lifestyle in the future, you should look at the resources you require every day and scrutinise your consumer habits.

Energy-efficient living

Saving electricity day to day is one of the easiest changes to make for a sustainable lifestyle. Enormous amounts of energy can be saved simply by leaving fewer devices on standby in the home. Instead, switch devices off completely by pulling the plug or using a multiple plug with a power switch. Household appliances with good energy balance (from energy efficiency class A++ or better) use considerably less energy. Conventional bulbs should be replaced by energy-saving or LED bulbs for a sustainable lifestyle.

Saving on heating costs thanks to modern heating systems

If you want to live sustainably, you should try not to turn the heating up too high even in winter, instead try to maintain a constant base temperature throughout the apartment or house. Well-insulated windows can help with this. Homeowners can opt for environmentally-friendly heating alternatives such as heating pumps, pellet heating or solar panels on the roof.

Save resources with sustainable furniture 

As the “Ökorausch“ fair and the International Furniture Fair in Cologne show, designer furniture and sustainability are more linked than ever. A tip from Basel-based architect and energy consultant Barbara Buser points to a combinative approach: “The big things – interior fittings or furniture – should last as long as possible. Old furniture and buildings are generally of higher quality than today’s cheap imported goods. The little things – such as accessories – should be fashionable and colourful.”

When more is needed: ecological building

We make the biggest contribution to “sustainable living”, of course, when we develop entire properties according to sustainability ideals. Meanwhile, there are a variety of interesting construction projects throughout the world. Leonardo DiCaprio owns an apartment in the ecological, high-end “Riverhouse” building project, which lies directly on the Hudson River in New York. The glass skyscraper has its own water treatment system and solar-powered wind turbines.

How to find your sustainable property

If the issue of sustainable living is an especially important criterion for you when looking for property, Engel & Völkers are perfect partners with plenty of expertise. Visit our website and take a look at our large portfolio of properties which feature sustainability as a priority.

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