Luxury Brands: Must haves!

Interior designer Juan Montoya said that “a room should never allow your eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” As Milan and New York Design Week demonstrate time after time, the design industry certainly has no shortage of fantasy. Every year, each event teems with talented and creative design houses creating works of art for the home. Here’s our curated selection of the interior design brands you need to know in 2016.

Luxury Brands: Must haves! Coil + Drift

Founded in 2014, Coil + Drift is the young upstart on the New York design scene. The design house was recently awarded the 2016 ICFF Editor’s Best New Designer Award, recognising their unique American-made furniture. Coil + Drift’s lyrical, minimalist furniture comes from the mind of creative director, John Sorensen-Jolink. A former dancer, Sorensen-Jolink saw furniture as a natural extension of the forms and lines of dance. This philosophy is evident in the Soren Chair, which juxtaposes the angular, geometric lines of its stark wooden frame with the soft curvature of its backrest, bent like a dancer’s arm.


The new house of Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni, Qeeboo, debuted its audacious designed at Milan Design Week in 2015. Giovannoni, an Italian designer and former architect, established the brand as a more avant-garde creative outlet for himself another designers. In its furniture, Qeeboo lyrically blends nature with artifice through its outrageous designs featuring plants and animals moulded in plastic. Look no further than Qeeboo’s plastic rabbit chairs and plastic cherry lamps for the perfect way to introduce a piece of avant-garde contemporary design into your home.

Dmitriy & Co.

Started as an antiques furniture showroom on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, David and Donna Fieldman’s Dmitriy & Co. is now a design powerhouse. The Dmitriy & Co. team approach design as if it were a bespoke suit. Potential buyers visit their appointment-only showroom in Chelsea to meet with the designers and discuss exactly what they want from their furniture. This means each piece can be tailored to each individual’s expectations of use and design tastes. Dmitry & Co.’s attention to exquisite but time-consuming detailing, including hand-sewn thin welts, top-stitched seams and pleating are just some of the luxuriously bespoke features of their furniture.


Moooi’s collaboration with Japanese designer Arihiro Miyake was one of the stand out pieces from 2015’s Milan expo. Miyake’s unique redesign of the traditional chandelier made use of 24 LED lights supported on an incredibly thin frame, in an experiment into what’s possible in modern design. Requiring only a weak current, the Miyake chandelier eliminates cabling by running the current through the chandelier’s frame, resulting in an arrestingly sleek and thin design that forms a centrepiece to any room.

From Arihiro Miyake’s bold innovation, to Dmitry & Co.s painstaking attention to detail, the world of furniture design has never been more diverse. If you’re looking for a new space to decorate, visit your local Engel & Völkers shop to see our extensive range of luxury properties all over the world.

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