This is luxury: Spare room in your home!

Enterprising buyers will often opt for a home that has one or more spare rooms, but how many fully utilise the space after moving in? Ambitious plans for renovations often fall by the wayside, while the traditional uses of home office, gym or bedroom may not fully capitalise on the room’s potential. If you have a spare room that only your cleaner regularly sets foot in, it may be time to reconsider its purpose. By thinking creatively, you could soon transform that forgotten room into your favourite part of the house.

This is luxury: Spare room in your home!

Meditation room

Modern life is full of distractions, often in the form of multiple electronic devices vying for your attention. Meditation has been proven to help improve concentration and reduce anxiety, so why not create a space that’s tailor-made for relaxation and tranquillity? Paint the walls a light white, bring in plenty of green plants and add adjustable window blinds to control light levels. Keep furniture to a minimum, with just a few plush floor cushions and a rug for comfort. Set up a tea-stand with a kettle and plenty of herbal tea-bags. A wireless speaker can be used to play ambient music from a pre-set playlist, but no othe
r electrical items should be allowed inside – especially smartphones.


Devoted bookworms often have enough books to fill several walls of shelving, but even if you tend towards e-books, setting aside a room in your house solely for reading can still be a rewarding investment. Choose from traditional wooden rows of parallel shelves or quirky modern geometric patterns, filling any spaces with treasured ornaments such as vases, globes and holiday souvenirs. Add plenty of comfortable seating, with soft blankets draped over chairs and sofas for use in the winter months. To prepare for the event of literary inspiration striking as you read, you could even include a mahogany desk with a vintage typewriter.


Preserve order in the rest of your house by setting aside a special place in which your children’s imaginations can run riot. A bright colour palette and plenty of storage for toys and books will immediately claim the space for children. Include a table and chairs for arts and crafts, board games and tea parties, with posters or paintings that cater to your children’s keenest interests, whether that’s space exploration, ballet or natural history. 

Creative spaces

If you’re an artist, musician or creative, why not dedicate your favourite room to your passion? Whether your artistic endeavours are your profession or your hobby, they could form the basis for a truly special space. By soundproofing the walls, installing comfortable chairs and proudly displaying your musical instruments, you’ll easily create the ideal setting for both jam sessions with friends and solo practise. If your spare room benefits from exceptional views, set up an easel and take inspiration from your surroundings. By using your passion as design inspiration, you can create a room that is wholly personal and guaranteed to be regularly used.

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