Luxury on the water

Since time immemorial, water has had a special appeal for us humans. The vast expanses of the oceans convey a feeling of freedom, lightheartedness and boundlessness. Recreational opportunities on the water are manifold, and even just seeing a yacht invokes a feeling of holiday – whether at the sea, lake or river. But more and more people are also drawn to the water in their everyday lives. Houseboats are in high demand and offer a modern and luxurious alternative to the conventional lifestyle.

Luxury on the water

A water enthusiast’s dream

Living directly by or on the water has many advantages, especially for water sports enthusiasts: Proximity to water allows fans to follow their passion of sailing or rowing spontaneously without needing to wait for the coming weekend or having to drive for hours. A cool dip before work constitutes a fresh start for the day and a round of stand-up paddling in the evenings is a perfect way to balance the stress of everyday life. The time factor and quick practicability play an important role in this regard. Having the option to spontaneously embark on leisure activities dramatically increases quality of life, especially in this day and age of tighter and tighter schedules.

Alternative living and luxury are no longer mutually exclusive

The living concepts on the water are becoming more and more diverse and luxurious. While lack of space was a decisive factor in past decades, spacious apartments now exist on the water which can readily compete with conventional luxury apartments in terms of livable space and usable area. An unbeatable advantage, of course, is the exclusive and calming view of wide open water. If at all possible, yacht owners will not use their yacht as temporary holiday accommodation, but rather as a kind of secondary residence.
Mobile houseboats, too, are becoming increasingly popular. German entrepreneur Karl Sahner, co-founder of a company building houseboats, has been living on a spacious luxury houseboat for nearly ten years and is highly enthusiastic about his “mobile property”, which generates its own electricity using photovoltaic systems and provides fresh drinking water by means of hot water collectors.

A home environment of the future

The future holds much in store for the dream of living on the water. “Seascape” – a triangular, futuristic luxury houseboat – is a visionary concept by the company BMT Asia Pacific. The ceiling of the floating oasis consists of plexiglas, offering unimpeded views of the skies. There are no walls and, of course, no noisy neighbours. The bedroom, which is under the waterline, can be reached via a spiral staircase. From here one can view the colourful underwater world from up close. Here, too, the focus is on environmental value. A solar system generates the electricity needed to live on the houseboat and manoeuvre, while the sea serves as a natural air-conditioner. 

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