Make your home safe for children

Do you have small children at home or are you expecting a visit from small children? Make sure that your apartment or house is safe in order to protect the little ones from harm. Go down on your knees and take a look around through the eyes of a child. Is there a risk of injury or a tripping hazard? Which edges or corners should be rounded off? Go strategically from room to room.

Make your home safe for children


In the kitchen, move all electronic devices such as kettle, toaster or coffee machine out of the reach of children, as they pose a major risk of injury. Use a stove grid to prevent children from getting burned. Always make sure that pan and pot handles are pointing towards the rear!


Precautionary measures must also be taken in the bathroom: Here, it is the door key which is the primary source of concern. Ideally, hang the key up high next to the door. In this way you can prevent children from accidentally locking themselves in. Always lock away all electrical devices in the bathroom after use and also make sure that there is no danger of slipping on a smooth floor or in the bathtub.

Living room and children’s room

Shelves should be stable and non-tilting, as children could climb on them. Heavy toys should be kept on the floor. Keeping everything tidy also helps prevent accidents – even toys lying around can cause small children to stumble and hurt themselves. Secure all sockets and cables and install safety locks on the windows. The terrace and balcony must also be secured. And it is important to ensure that nothing is left standing around that a child would want to climb on. One more tip: Safety glass does not shatter into sharp pieces like regular glass – it breaks safely, preventing injury. It breaks into small, blunt pieces, which are relatively harmless, making it especially recommendable for shower or balcony glass doors.


Do not leave garden tools, rakes or ladders lying around. A lockable tool shed ensures safety and keeps potentially dangerous utensils out of the reach of children. Do you have a pond or swimming pool? Then special care must be taken, ideally by fencing off the area!

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