Mallorca: An island full of surprises and properties

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While others are still dreaming of real estate and house visits, you are already one step ahead: you’ve found an matching Villa in Porto Cristo!

Stroll along the promenade of Porto Cristo and enjoy the feeling of having found the right property on Mallorca for yourself. You’re one of the people who benefit from the unique quality of life, that a villa in Porto Cristo brings along. What is it that creates this quality of life? Great properties, a fantastic location, first-class company and sunbathing on white sand beaches with a subsequent cooling off in the turquoise sea – and that’s just a short list of the numerous advantages of Porto Cristo.

The surroundings of your property in Porto Cristo offer many recreational opportunities

Living room of an ultramodern Villa (Porto Cristo)

Frontline upper scale villa, Porto Cristo, Mallorca

Leave your villa and spend a day at the marina “Club Nautico de Porto Cristo”. The port has 200 berths and offers a wide variety of boats – up to 14 meters long and 4 meters deep – a berthing. You might even discover a love for ships and are acquiring a new hobby. The port and the whole atmosphere around the Club Nautico are definitely suitable to arouse the curiosity and adventurousness of such a hobby.

The Caves of Drac are also available for visits several times a year. The magnificent formations of rock can hardly be fully appraised at a first tour. Nature has its unique spectacles designed so you have to look very closely.

There are also the bays and beaches of Porto Cristo. How about, for example, a trip to the Cala Morlanda? You quickly notice: In Porto Cristo there is a lot to experience and purchasing a property was the right decision!

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