Master Scandinavian design with these simple hacks

‘Talk less, say more’ – so goes one of Sweden’s most famous proverbs. It could also sum up the methodology behind Scandinavian interior design – subtle and understated yet undeniably effective. Scandi style is set to play a big role in interior design throughout 2016, with clean lines and intelligent shapes leading the way in contemporary homes. Homeowners needn’t overhaul their entire home to introduce a touch of Scandinavian cool however. Follow these straightforward tips to make the most of this key interior trend.

Master Scandinavian design with these simple hacks

1. Remember: Less is more

Minimalism is one of the essential founding principles of Scandi design. The mantra that ‘less is more’ allows property owners to create atmospheric, aesthetically rich environments even in relatively small areas. Open spaces are embraced and clutter is discouraged. This makes Scandinavian design an ideal choice for holiday homes or secondary properties, where the clutter of everyday life is less of an issue.

2. Embrace white

The importance of simplicity filters through to colour choices. Scandinavian design favours cool shades, with a particular penchant for clean white walls. Those seeking a little contrast can introduce elegant matte greys too. As a rule, colours other than white should be used sparingly, and vibrant, saturated hues only introduced in the occasional piece of furniture or decorative accent. Cleanliness is a top priority and nothing is fresher or more immaculate than a pristine white wall.

3. Be bold in your lighting

While a simple colour palette and subtle shading may form the basis of Scandinavian design, inject some personality into your room with the use of bold lighting choices. Whether it’s a cluster of paper lanterns in the centre of the ceiling or a brass standalone lamp in one corner, don’t be afraid to have a little fun by introducing contrasting textures and playing with metallics.

4. Bring the outside in

Despite their cooler climates, the Scandinavian countries are marked by a strong affinity for the great outdoors. Thankfully, this cultural charm finds its way into the region’s interiors too. In order to replicate this, source simple artworks crafted from treated pieces of wood. These pieces can be functional too – take for example the ever-popular tree-branch coat rack. The measured use of house plants too offers up an opportunity to embrace a little colour. Fortunately for those furnishing second homes, Scandinavian design has a preference for hardy species. Cacti and colourful succulents are a common sight.

5. Make it adaptable

The resurgence of Scandinavian design is excellent news for property investors. The aesthetic’s simplicity means transforming a property couldn’t be easier. The style is also relatively low maintenance and can be easily adapted by the next owners of the property.

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