Meeting at the lake for Valentine’s Day

The arrival of the new year brings one of the most romantic dates: Valentine’s Day. Lake Maggiore is well-suited to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. A simple walk through the streets of the villages on the shores of Lake Maggiore become moments of real magic. Many are the structures of the territory that propose special offers and packages, and the Navigazione Lago Maggiore offers a romantic cruises to enjoy the sunset. When you are beside your loved one, everything becomes special.crociera tramonto


But if you are looking for something unique, to make this special occasion unforgettable, then you also need a suitable frame. So what could be more romantic than a cruise on the calm surface of the waters of Lake Maggiore, to enjoy the sunset and scenery made even more spectacular by the play of colors of the sun going down? Cruise may be the prelude to a dinner by candlelight or a fitting end to a lovely day together. Here is the “Sunset Cruise”, which proposes, only on holidays and up to 25th March, a trip on a comfortable boat departing from Arona at 15.00 and from Angera, at 15.10. Then the cruise will continue for 2 hours, defiladed both the coast Piedmont that the Lombard coast, until reaching the 3 islands of the Gulf Borromeo and then stand in front of the hermitage of Santa Caterina. For info: 0322-242352;


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