Must-haves for real estate agents

There are few industries as exciting or fast-paced as modern real estate. The 21st century real estate agent scouts clients, buyers, and properties, all the while liaising with lawyers, town planners, and bankers. To do this effectively, the modern real estate agent needs the perfect set of tools to keep them ahead of the competition.

Must-haves for real estate agentsThe smartphone

A real estate agent should never be without their smartphone. An agent must be constantly able to answer emails and check documents at the same time as showing prospective buyers round the latest hot property. There’s no tool that allows them to do this quite like a smartphone. Agents can use it to take photos of their latest listings and, with the latest document software, it’s even possible to sign legal documents on a smartphone, so they can get that sale faster.

The mobile charger

If the most important tool of a real estate agent is a smartphone, the second most important must be a mobile charger. After all, a smartphone goes from being the most useful to the least if it’s out of battery. A popular idea is to have three chargers, one in the office, one in your bag, and one in the car to charge your phone en route, so you’re never caught short.

Business cards

A real estate agent meets an enormous amount of people. Some properties can attract hundreds of prospective buyers and an added bonus of viewings is that the people looking round the house are probably looking to sell their homes too. To take advantage of this, agents should always be prepared with a stack of business cards – this way potential clients can easily get in contact when the time comes to sell.

The car

It may seem stereotypical, but a good car shows that an agent has a strong track record of success, inspiring confidence in potential buyers and sellers. Many agencies provide their agents with cars, but it’s important to keep that vehicle in good condition. Not only does a clean and well maintained car make an agent look more professional, it’ll also make all the difference on those long journeys between viewings.


A supply of snacks is essential for the modern real estate agent. With clients and properties scattered throughout town, it can be easy for viewings to overrun and for an agent to find themselves without a minute for lunch. Hunger is a quick way to lose concentration, so having a few well chosen healthy snacks to hand means an agent can keep their mind on the job rather than their stomach. 

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