A new ambience for your home – redesigning made easy

Everyone has a different taste, and preferences can vary over time. This also applies to your own four walls. What could be more fulfilling than letting your creativity run free? You do not always need an expert to redesign your home. Use our DIY tips and tricks and also save money.

New ambience for a home - redesigning made easyNew flooring, new home

The floor, along with the wall colour, defines the underlying atmosphere of a room. It determines what furniture is needed to create a harmonious overall appearance. The floor covering should thus be chosen carefully. In rental properties or older freehold properties, the floor covering is often a remnant of past decades, such as the “wild 70s” or gaily coloured 80s.

Floor coverings are normally not replaced as often as wall colours. The installation of wooden flooring, parquet flooring, cork flooring, PVC flooring or tiled floors should be planned in advance, as the sub-floor must be suitable and may require professional preparation. Laminate flooring or floor carpeting, on the other hand, can easily be installed yourself. A specialist will generally charge around 30 euros per square metre. Thus DIY enthusiasts will not only save half the costs, but also experience an enduring sense of achievement afterwards.

Changing tiles

For many years, tiles were usually used in kitchens and bathrooms. Nowadays, however, there are also other options. Latex acrylic paint, for example, is water resistant and can be used in the bathroom instead of tiles. Glass or aluminium composite tops are increasingly being used in kitchens, as they are easier to replace than their conventional forerunners.  Removing old tiles from the walls can be a mammoth task. If you prefer something less radical, you could also paste over the old tiles, paint them or even tile over them. A wide range of financial and creative options are available.

Small task, huge effect

If you are seeking smaller changes with a large effect, think about using room dividers, sliding doors or lightweight construction walls.  Shelving systems are another easy way of changing the living space ambience. This allows for attractive solutions with minimum financial outlay and physical input. All you need is four hands, a good dose of creativity and a certain amount of aptitude.

Even a little bit of redesigning can create a whole new living sensation, e.g. replacing cupboard or drawer knobs with designer knobs, which are available in many online platforms.

Lighting effects

Appropriate atmospheric lighting is essential and greatly increases the sense of well-being in your own four walls. As a different light intensity may be required for different tasks, such as bathing the baby or taking a shower, it might be a good idea to invest in a lighting system with dimming function. Specialist retailers offer ready-made systems that can easily be mounted to the ceiling or wall.

If you are looking for inspiration or support with the redesigning of your home, Engel & Völkers will gladly advise and assist you. We have vast expertise and experience in this field, which you can use to your benefit. To learn more, simply visit our website Engel & Völkers.

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