An office full of grandeur

The Palazzo Sforza Cesarini, a landmarked building from the 15th century, serves as headquarters for the Metropolitan Market Center. Hamburg architect Jessica Klatten has turned the approximately 1,000 square metre space into a dynamic office for more than 300 agents.

An office full of grandeurAn office full of grandeurMs Klatten, what were some of the biggest challenges you faced fitting out the MMC? 

There were several: The point of reference was the number of agents working here. In addition to normal work stations, they also require common rooms, training rooms as well as meeting rooms where they are not disturbed. For this purpose, we set up fully enclosed cubicles. The landmark protection committee also laid down certain conditions. The ceilings, for example, were to remain unchanged, and the chandeliers had to remain in place. We decided to illuminate the ceilings with wall lamps, which allowed us to achieve a desirable ambient lighting effect.

Did you have much creative leeway?

Yes, but this was not about me implementing my own style. Unlike with private homes, it is the CI of the client which is in the foreground when it comes to offices or hotels. It is about translating his requirements into architecture, in a figurative sense making a tailor made suit. It is really fun being involved with such a project right from the start and developing a corporate architecture.

Is there a big difference to Engel & Völkers shops?

Yes, quite a big difference. Unlike the shops, the MMC is not geared towards customer contact and representation, but is the workplace of many agents. It feels young and dynamic, very international, and reflects the global network.

Is there any aspect you are particularly pleased with?

We developed a furniture system with drawer cabinets etc., which will also be used by other MMCs in the future. The organisational structures at E&V are so good that it was easy for us to systematise the office. The way the MMC is set up now optimises the work flow.

Text: Uta Abendroth

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