A place for dreaming

Imagine a space that is throbbing, full of life and optimism, bursting with freshness, moving and inspiring… More than likely, you have encountered the work of a young woman who is so much more than the label “creative” could ever express: the interior designer Marta de la Rica.

A place for dreaming...A New Yorker by birth, who has adopted Madrid as her home, and a convinced globetrotter, Marta de la Rica is at her happiest when travelling to one of the worlds’s major cities, but also to distant, and sometimes exotic, places, where she immerses herself in local markets and antique shops in search of that once-in-a-lifetime treasure. Or in other words, she puts into practice what her father taught her from a very young age: to love art and antiques. That which made her cry out of pure boredom at the tender age of eight has made Marta de la Rica into the sought after interior designer that she is.

Fresh after graduation, she was asked to design the project for a huge office of one thousand square metres, and within a short space of time at the young age of 27 she inaugurated the design studio Marta de la Rica Interior Design in the Spanish capital. From here she attends to her clients who come from all four corners of the country. She covers a wide field of work, ranging from an Ibizan home that recalls the seaside with predominant colours like white and blue, but is also clearly reminiscent of the Alhambra in Granada, to a table decorated for a gala dinner in pure summer countryside style with flowers and straw hats. Her creativity has produced a penthouse with brick shelving full of books and presided over by some chester armchairs, always a classic; a zen terrace in the heights of Madrid converted into a mediterranean garden; and a modern office space dressed up in sober minimalism and governed by functionality.

A place for dreaming...Plants –flowers in particular-, whether natural or on printed fabrics, are a recurring theme  in Marta de la Rica’s projects. Combining them with natural tones, above all with white, is what conveys this freshness that is so characteristic of the  spaces decorated by the designer. And an absolute must are the works of art, be they paintings, sculptures or handcrafted pieces.

Marta de la Rica is incredibly skilled at adapting to the individual tastes of her clients, and she infuses every corner of her projects with her characteristic elegance that is fresh and fun. Wandering through spaces created by her is like immersing yourself in a world of ideas, full of colours, in which every object, every detail is brimming with life and bursting to tell you its own personal story. Materials that are unpretentious, simple and natural abound. They are turned into items of authentic beauty by master craftsmen and combined together by this globetrotting Madrid interior designer with that very feminine delicate touch of hers that creates the most beautiful surroundings with an eclectic style and a touch of wildness and ingenuousness, but which are also elegant and practical, in which every-day objects are harmoniously combined with pieces that are unique. In other words, these are spaces that exude personality through and through.

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Text: Caroline Rott

A place for dreaming... A place for dreaming... A place for dreaming...



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