Pollensa: Beautiful place – great properties!

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The properties in Mallorca are very popular and you have been interested in a house in Pollensa for some time now. Get going and visit the most diverse real estate properties – the perfect house is waiting for you.

The anticipation of your new focus of life – a stylish property in Pollensa – is growing by the day! Who wouldn’t want to have all this: fine white sand beaches, warm Mediterranean climate, turquoise waters and a stylish house? Mallorca offers all that and much more!

View of a historic house in Pollensa with Pool

Impressive and historical house in Pollensa, Mallorca

What fascinates you about Pollensa are not just its magnificent properties or the excellent food, but also the history of the place: How about a visit at the Museu Martí Vicenç Museum. Here you will learn how the artist Martí Vicenç influenced the art of painting and weaving in Pollensa. Or visit the monastery Ermita de Nostra Senyora del Puig.

But you are not in Mallorca to just enjoy life in your spacious home or to dive into the culture of the country – you want to experience the scenic nature and the Mediterranean climate to the fullest.

What do you think, for instance, of an early morning jog on the beach? Especially when the sun rises, a light breeze blowing, you feel the rising sun on your face, you feel fully satisfied. After the tour you can start your new day fully satisfied and full of energy in your wonderful home in Mallorca.

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