How to be more productive as a real estate agent

According to the poetrist Tom Greening, ‘all time management begins with planning’. In such a competitive world, real estate agents need effective time management to make the most of every hour available. To help you plan your way to success, here are a few tricks that can streamline your schedule.

How to be more productive as a real estate agentGet focused

Behind every success story is a clear vision, complete with a goal and a road map. Daily goals and lists help you keep focus and work to maximum efficiency. For added clarity, try to order your goals by level of importance. Focusing on just one goal per day can get you started on the way to success – it’s up to you how general and large, or small and specific that goal is.

Act with intention

Before you undertake a task, or before you even put it on your to-do list, make sure it has a simple ‘why’ behind it. All emails should have a purpose and clearly explain the next step you want to take. The same goes for texts and calls, which should be concise and to the point. Try to maintain the same mentality in meetings, ensuring that they only last as long as strictly necessary.

Make technology work for you

New software and tech innovations have revolutionised the real estate world. Electronic signatures on documents and call forwarding mean you can still be at your desk even when you’re out seeing properties. Video calling is another useful tool – allowing you to make more of an impact with potential buyers. If your to-do list is getting too much you might also want to try out a list managing phone app to help keep things on track.

Hire a virtual assistant

A manager is stronger when they delegate, so don’t be afraid to let go of some of your smaller jobs. Consider looking into a virtual assistant to take over your diary and help out with admin tasks. You’d be surprised how much time can be freed up when you take out scheduling viewings, responding to email inquiries, preparing paperwork and ensuring all property listings are up to date.

Make the most of your team

When working as part of a large international team like Engel & Völkers, you’re surrounded by talented, passionate individuals. Make the most of this by communicating with the team when you have a problem. The likelihood is that someone else will have experienced a similar issue at some point. Getting their first-hand experience can save you hours of research and stress. Just be sure to return the favour when the opportunity comes up.

Remove distractions

Most of us would be twice as productive if we removed all distractions. Of course it’s not possible to work in a vacuum but try to minimise the things that could shift your focus. Check emails efficiently and then close down your email manager, so you don’t spend all day writing responses. Also try to keep your phone on silent and check it only when necessary.

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