Quick and easy!

A tidy home shows your property at its best, but also means you can locate items more easily and host guests with confidence – it’s even proven to increase emotional wellbeing. 

The good news is there’s no need to have your home spring-cleaned from attic to cellar to experience these benefits. Follow these useful tips and tricks to spruce up your property in just a few hours. 

Quick and easy!A room at a time 

It’s all too easy to accumulate piles of belongings you no longer want or need, but sorting through everything at once can seem overwhelming. Break the task down by focusing your attention on the most important room first. 

A recent study published by Marie Kondo in the Judgement and Decision Making journal revealed the longer someone holds onto a personal item, the more they value it – and the less likely they are to part with it. Take a brisk, matter-of-fact approach towards your possessions, perhaps by enlisting the help of a friend to give an unbiased opinion on whether you truly need to hold onto an item or not. 

Take pride in your pantry 

After out-of-date produce is removed from your pantry, categorise the remaining contents. Items like cereal, coffee, sugar and spices can be stored in glass jars. Not only are these more attractive than commercial packaging, they add visually pleasing uniformity. Alternatively, brighten up your larder with vintage utensils and tins. If there’s extra room in your pantry after tidying, it makes a great storage space for special-occasion wine glasses or crockery. 

Embrace the Danish tradition of ‘hygge’ 

Research shows that a tidy home has a positive impact on mental wellbeing, proven by the Danish tradition of ‘hygge’. Roughly translating as ‘a sense of coziness’, the phrase also refers to taking time to appreciate life’s small pleasures. You can tap into this by clearing away any unwanted clutter from a room before placing candles on coffee tables and sheepskin throws over couches and armchairs. Have a fire roaring in the hearth and steaming mugs of Belgian hot chocolate on hand for the ultimate homely atmosphere. 

Organise your wardrobe 

Take some time to go through your wardrobe, removing clothing you no longer wear and freeing up space by donating these items to a charity shop. You can organise what’s left by colour, occasion or season. Consider sending formal wear for professional cleaning and pressing before hanging it up in canvas or cloth garment bags. Use tissue paper to protect beading or embroidered embellishments on gowns, as well as to pad out hat boxes. Finally, purchase cedar footwear trees to ensure shoes keep their shape, and install a rack to store them neatly away

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