A relaxing Christmas in your new home

Home, sweet new home! Is there anything more desirable than furnishing and decorating a new home? But it usually takes time to settle in properly. A move just before Christmas can be quite a challenge, because Christmas is best spent in a cosy and familiar atmosphere.  But, on the other hand, it is also a perfect time to move house, as we will explain in this article.

A relaxing Christmas in your new home

Preparation is decisive

When moving before Christmas, always ensure that appointments with movers, landlords, helpers and rental car companies are made in good time. After all, many people are booked out over the Christmas holidays, and some companies are even closed. Also plan your purchases, as many items may not be available shortly before or after Christmas. Remember to protect your plants, sensitive electronic devices and pets from the cold when transporting them.

The advantages of moving before Christmas

Relocating just before Christmas means you need to take less vacation days for your move. Instead you can use the extra time for unpacking cartons and decorating your new home. When packing your cartons you will also come across your stowed away Christmas decorations. All you still need to do is ensure that you label the carton properly to find it again easily later. Last not least, you will have a long Christmas wish list for Santa. After all, you will need many new things when moving into a new home.

To good neighbourliness!

One further advantage of moving before Christmas: All the neighbours are off from work and relaxed – at least as of Christmas Eve, once the pre-Christmas stress has worn off. This makes it a perfect time for getting to know them in a relaxed atmosphere. You could, for example, pay them a visit and bribe them with homemade cookies. Christmas Eve as well as Christmas and Boxing Day are often reserved for time with the family, but the days leading up to New Year’s Eve are usually rife with opportunity.

How to settle in quickly

Moving before Christmas could leave you with little or no time for hunting down a Christmas tree. But there are also alternatives. How about buying a small fir tree from your local nursery that will grow into a real Christmas tree over the next ten years or so? This has several advantages: It is cheaper than a fully grown tree, and it can easily be transported from A to B. And if you have children, it will be easier for them to decorate this mini tree than a fully grown one. Furthermore, in the coming years, this tree will always remind you of your successful move into your new home.

A time of relaxation

Once you have completed your move before Christmas, you can sit back and relax. In order to ensure that Christmas is not dominated by the stress of moving, it is always a good idea to furnish and decorate at least one of the rooms – preferably the living room – and remove all signs of the move. Not all crates and cartons need to be unpacked immediately. Don’t stress out, rather store all of the cartons in one room, well sorted but out of sight. In this way they won’t spoil the atmosphere and remind you of all the things that still need to be done.

All a bedroom really needs initially is a bed. The children do not need to unpack everything either, as they will be getting new toys for Christmas. And even the kitchenware does not need to be unpacked and sorted. After all, one of the advantages of moving during Christmas is the abundance of Christmas markets. This makes it easy to simply leave your unfinished home behind, take a walk in the crisp air, and dine out in the open.

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