Royal living

Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth! Hard to believe, but Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her 90th birthday today. A large party with 10,000 guests is taking place in front of Buckingham Palace, and Brits as well as fans of the Queen are joining in as she marks the milestone. Be inspired by the birthday mood and give your home a touch of royal opulence. Our tips will show you how to create a royal British ambience in your own four walls.

Royal livingBritish chic

If you believe the media reports and the pictures from Windsor Castle, where Queen Elizabeth II spends most of her time, then her interior style is a typical Brit chic mix of colourful patterns and materials, be it Persian carpet, floral couch, picture frames or bric-a-brac on a chest of drawers. During the reception of New Zealand’s Prime Minister in 2015, she for the first time offered a rare glimpse inside the royal chambers of Windsor Castle.

Combining old and new is typical of the interior style of many British houses and apartments, where heirlooms or flea market antiques are combined with modern home accessories. The combination of different patterns such as Paisley, flower prints and tartans may seem somewhat unusual at first, but is widespread in English homes and underlines the homely ambience. This interior design trend is not about perfection, but a subtle mix of styles accentuating British understatement. Seating furniture with high backrests, wing chairs, banquettes, foot supports and dark brown leather furniture in Chesterfield style are an absolute must. The British style is ideal for both the bedroom and the living room, but the country house style is also suitable for the kitchen or bathroom. White kitchen furniture with wood panelling, flower decoration in the kitchen, nostalgic bathroom furniture or a free standing bath round off the style at home.

Royal livingRoyal splendour

If you would like to give your home a castle feel, you can go one step further and decorate using rich and plentiful ornamentation. Elaborately crafted furniture with marquetry and ornamentation is typical of the royal style. This style, which is characterized by ornamental wallpaper, rich colours and baroque furniture, is also referred to as the boudoir style. Use picture frames to set golden accents, chandeliers are a real eye-catcher, velvet sofas and ornate wall candle holders create a baroque atmosphere, making your home shine in luxuriant splendour. Since the typical boudoir style can quickly appear flamboyant, we recommend using it only in selected areas or for creating an occasional eye-catcher with selected items of furniture.

Whether you want to adapt your apartment to the festivities in Britain or simply watch the ceremony on TV with scones, sandwiches and shortbread – we wish you lots of fun! 

Royal living

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