Sa die de sa Sardigna – Sardinia pride day

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During the colourful spring time, while summer is announcing its arrival, Sardinian people celebrate one of the most strongly felt feastSa die de sa Sardigna ( the Sardinia Pride day ).
Historically, this day commemorates the uprising of the revolutionary movements against the viceroy Balbiano , who refused the requests of the Sardinians to hold public offices, forcing him to escape from Cagliari on the 28th April 1974.
Sa die de sa Sardinia represents a moment of strong unity, a day on which to be even prouder to be Sardinians. This year Olbia will celebrates with an international event during which the ancient traditions will melts together with the European music culture framed by wine and food excellence’s tasting. Location and promoter of the event will be the Costa Smeralda International Airport, symbol of  a quality and refined tourism which with enthusiasm promotes Sardinia’s will to enhance its beauties all over the world.

The event will be crowned by the national preview of the Wiener Sängerknaben – The Vienna Boys, an Austrian  worldwide famous treble voices chorus, who after five hundred years of exhibitions in the Hofburg Imperial Chapel in Vienna has chose Sardinia for its launch into the italian music scene.

A different Die de sa Sardinia which tells with proud the necessary and desired bound between the island and the world : an embrace to celebrate the ancient tradition and today’s emotions.