The secret of my success – Interview with Paul Benson

agentphoto-bensonpaul-life“The people I meet today may be buyers or sellers in the years ahead”

In 2015 Licence Partner Paul Benson together with Dougan Jones opened his first Engel & Völkers shop in Park City in the US state of Utah. The American shop is the most successful Engel & Völkers shop worldwide in 2016 so far. Moreover, to date Paul Benson has opened a further seven locations in California and Utah, including one in San Francisco. What is the secret of his success?

The acquisition of search clients and home owners marks the beginning of every deal. How do you manage to be so successful in this area?

Benson: The people I meet today may be buyers or sellers in the years ahead. I have always taken the approach of seeing every person I meet as an opportunity to show that I care about my business and am passionate about helping people buy and sell homes. It doesn’t make any difference when and where this contact is made. I see all situations and encounters as an opportunity, however long it may take for a deal to emerge. This approach has worked well for me because now there is always someone in the pipeline from long, long ago.

You are not only successful in the field of acquisition but also in closing the deal. How do you achieve this?

Benson: Never give up and never get frustrated. I understand that everybody has their own perspective of what they want and what is important to them. It’s not my job to judge. It’s my job to help communicate the positions of the two sides in a way that brings understanding to both parties involved. If only one party is satisfied, I haven’t achieved my goal. Communication is the most important factor. Through communication there really is nothing that cannot be accomplished. 

You have 20 years of experience in the real estate branch. Why did you decide to join the Engel & Völkers brand?

Benson: When I first got to know Engel & Völkers I soon realised that it was just right for me. The company offers a global network and does everything it can to support global cooperation between partners. In my opinion this is truly unique in the real estate sector. Prior to becoming part of Engel & Völkers, I spent my career trying to create these international contacts for myself and now I don’t have to create them – rather now I get to enjoy and celebrate the Engel & Völkers network. 
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