Seven habits of successful real estate agents

The prominent US statesman Colin Powell is clear about his views on success: “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”. Powell was born to immigrant parents in a low-income neighbourhood of New York. He went on to serve as the 65th US Secretary of State, so he knows a thing or two about what it takes to thrive.

Seven habits of successful real estate agentsThere’s no doubt that perseverance is a key component for getting ahead in the world of real estate. Here are some other practices that will take you to the top.

1. Set tangible goals

We all need goals to succeed, whether we’re just starting out or are experts in our field. Vague outlines of where you need to improve aren’t always enough. Instead, it helps to set tangible targets and a timeframe for attaining them.

2. Keep learning

What attracts so many people to real estate is the industry’s dynamism. Markets are always on the move, and neighbourhoods are continuously transforming. The most successful real-estate agents are those who consistently strive to understand the changes in their profession. Keeping your finger on the pulse is essential to getting ahead.

3. Invest in a team

No matter how talented you are as a real-estate agent, it helps to have a strong team around you. This isn’t just a question of quality recruitment; it also involves investing time and money in retention and keeping your employees and colleagues motivated.

4. Build trust with clients

Real-estate agents aren’t in existence for formality’s sake. Buyers and sellers alike value your opinion and are eager to take advice on board when making one of the most significant decisions of their life. As a consequence, it’s vital to build their trust. Be honest, open and forthcoming from the very beginning. Your clients are sure to value it.

5. Embrace the internet

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, or what your industry is, digital marketing is an incredibly powerful tool. Even if it doesn’t particularly interest you, you can be sure it interests potential clients. There isn’t even the remotest chance of succeeding in real estate without getting a handle on your digital marketing. 

6. Choose a niche

Clients value expertise. Experience is important in this respect, but so is specificity. Opting for a niche is essential to any real-estate agent eager to thrive in their market.

7. Track your investments

As with any industry, real estate requires you to spend money before you can make money. But that doesn’t mean all your ventures will be lucrative. Even in prosperous times it pays to keep an eye on your ongoing investments, to continue evaluate whether they’re worth your while.

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