Single-family home with beautiful garden area in district 11

Single-family home with character and charme

This charming house, which was built in 1934, is the perfect property, either for families with kids or couples who are looking for a new home in the city with recreational facilities nearby. Because of steady renewals, the property with its beautiful garden area is in excellent condition. The original character of this single-family home has been retained, such as the wood panelling and the tiles in the entrance area. All of this adds up to an attractive offer of a well-maintained and charming property.

Erchenbühlstrasse 3, Zürich Erchenbühlstrasse 3, Zürich Erchenbühlstrasse 3, Zürich


Plase contact us if you would like to visit the property in person or if you are interested in further infromation on the apartment.

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