Small rooms? Our design tips!

The demand for residential space in large cities is growing steadily. Due to the shortage of space in large cities and the trend towards single apartments, the demand for small apartments is correspondingly high. Have you already found a small apartment and are now looking for design ideas? Our design tips will help you make your space feel larger!

Small rooms? Our design tips!Large furniture for small rooms

It may sound paradoxical, but it works: decorate small rooms with a few big pieces of furniture. On the one hand this makes the room appear tidy, on the other hand it provides sufficient storage space. Custom made or walk-in wardrobes can also create additional space. Make sure that the large furniture does not appear too massive or overwhelming, as this would be counter-productive.

Form follows function

When buying new furniture, ensure it is functional and offers plenty of storage space for clothes, books etc… This will help you achieve a minimalistic design that will make the space seem larger. Dual purpose furniture also maximises space: using a bookcase with integrated work desk, a folding wall bed or a sofa bed will free up a few square meters. Transforming your kitchen into an eat-in kitchen would, under certain circumstances, allow you to forego a fully furnished living room. Room dividers help to separate individual areas and thus create more space.

Light colours

Light colours make any room appear larger. Be it the furniture, the materials, the wall colour or even the carpets: choose light tones and keep the colours of the rooms as uniform as possible. Light sources, whether natural or artificial, reinforce this effect and can contribute to making rooms appear larger if used smartly. A mirror on the wall also makes the room appear larger and reflects the daylight. Select transparent fabrics for your windows and let in as much light as possible.

Additional storage requirements? Use self-storage.

If all the space is already used up for accommodating the necessities and there is no basement or attic that can be used for storage purposes, consider self-storage. In large cities, more are more providers are renting out storage space. These spaces can be rented cheaply for a fixed period or long-term. This could be a great option for storing any excess furniture you would like to hold on to or for storing your seasonal wardrobe and uncluttering your apartment of winter jackets and rain boots in summer. 

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