Spring is in the air – time to garden

The warmer weather, greenery and flowers sticking out their head in gardens and the talk of Spring can mean only one thing: it is time to garden!

Where do you start?

We asked Klassieke Tuine, a local business in Potchefstroom, for a few tips to turn your fingers green quickly.

Plant Endemic in your garden

  1. Choose plants that are suited to the climate and soil type – pay attention to what works well in the gardens of your neighbours and ask questions at your local nursery.
  2. Spring is the time to garden

    Spring is the time to garden

  3. Compost

Use compost to improve the texture of the soil, to keep the soil moist and to work more air into your garden beds.

  1. NPK – what does it mean?

    1. Soil fertilizer has 3 components: Nitrogen, Phosphates and Potassium. Each component plays an important role in your garden.
    2. Nitrogen (N)

      • A component of chlorophyll.
      • Enhances growth – especially of leaves and the parts of the plant that grows above the soil.
      • A Nitrogen deficiency can lead to yellowish leaves.
      1. Phosphate (P)

        • Associated with root growth and flower development.
        • Work in Phosphates close to the roots of the plant for the best results.
        1. Potassium (K)

          • Regulates the metabolism of plants.
          • Plays an integral role in the plant’s capacity to handle stress factors.
          • Protects the plant against disease or extreme temperatures.

Did you know you can save in your garden as well?

  1. Plant Water Wise – with the serious water shortages that South Africa is experiencing, the sustainable choice is to plant plants that require less water to flourish.
  2. Ever wondered how to save money while gardening?

    • Exchange plants with your friends and colleagues.
    • Make cuttings of plants.
    • Exchange seeds with your neighbours.
    • Ask for plants when people are thinning out their garden beds.
    1. Incorporate your style into your garden

    2. In smaller gardens you can create a feeling of space by grouping together plants of the same type.
    3. Create focus points in your garden that fits in with the available space and your personal style.
Share plants from your garden with friends and neighbours

Share plants from your garden with friends and neighbours

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