Spring air in Venice!

Spring is the season of awakening from winter, when the gardens bloom and Venice wakes: the streets are full of Venetians and tourists encouraged to get out to enjoy the first sunny days, the bars and restaurants are filled with outdoor seating to enjoy a drink or dinner. Spring is therefore one of the ideal times to visit Venice and its artistic beauty, the city rises, the atmosphere is very quiet and fresh, the views are full of sun and light. During this time you can enjoy public parks of the city or the beautiful beaches at Venice Lido, to stroll along the docks and watch the sunset over the sea.

The agenda of events in Venice spring is very rich: the first event of the season is April 25th the Feast of St. Mark, the patron saint of the city, characterized by a gondola race in the basin San Marco. On this day men Venetians give to their wives or lovers a red rose, the “bocolo”. The Sunday after the Ascension is the time of the Feast of Sensa, whose origins are lost in the oldest history of Venice, when we celebrate the marriage between Venice and the sea with an impressive racing from San Marco basin to the the Lido Venice.
The last round of the season, but no less important, is held on the Sunday after the Feast of the Ascension: the Vogalonga, a race of 32 Km involving professionals, but also amateurs of rowing.





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