A taste of Oltrarno: we talk about Via de ‘Bardi



The street takes its name from a famous family of Florentine bankers: The Bardi. Here stopped to pray and to help the sick people San Francesco D’ Assisi and lived  the literary Papini and Francesco Redi. The road is very old and follows the route of the Via Cassia Vetus that crossed the Arno just before the Ponte Vecchio. It is a long, narrow street parallel to Lungarno Torrigiani, full of churches, houses and palaces of historical importance, among which the building of Niccolo da Uzzano, to current number 23, built in the first half of the ‘400 who worked on it Lorenzo di Bicci and especially Donatello. In this context it is set a suggestive our real estate proposal.  E&V ID W-024NMQ

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