Ten things you should know before painting a room

A simple lick of paint can transform the interior of a property. Whether you’re preparing for sale of just brightening up a tired space for your own enjoyment, there’s plenty to be gained from refreshing your walls.

10 things you should know before painting a roomOne of the great things about repainting is that it’s easy to do yourself. Just follow these 10 quick tips for professional wall painting.

1. Prep the walls

It might be tempting, but you can’t just crack the lid of the tin and start painting walls. In order to guarantee a smooth finish, it’s essential that you spare some time for prepping. If there’s wallpaper, this means cleanly stripping it down. Then you’ll need to clean the walls, making sure they’re smooth and dry before even thinking about grabbing a paintbrush.

2. Measure the area

Painting walls and ceilings can use a surprising amount of paint. Most paint manufacturers give an accurate estimate of coverage on the back of the tin. This means if you measure the space before you buy, you should be able to accurately judge how much paint you need.

3. Assemble your equipment

Before you can get started painting walls, you’ll need to make sure you have the right equipment. Obviously this will depend on where you’re painting. However, a good place to begin is with a few brushes of various sizes, at least one roller, a tray, something to stir the paint with and some masking tape for clean lines.

4. Have cleaning products at the ready

No matter how careful you are with the paint, there’s always bound to be a spillage. The key here is to get to it before the paint dries. Having a cloth, some white spirit and some absorbent paper to hand is a huge help.

5. Protect everything

Cleaning products are great, but they’re not a guaranteed fix. The safest way to avoid stains is to protect everything you can. Move the furniture into the centre of the room and cover with dust sheets. You can use newspaper to protect the floor.

6. Pick colours wisely

While repainting is always an option, it’s preferable to get the colour choice right the first time. Think carefully about your furniture and decorations, and match the shade accordingly.

7. Explore different finishes

Each colour will come in a number of different finishes, giving you yet another decision to make. Be sure to shop around to get some inspiration and wall painting ideas before selecting your tester pots.

8. Test the paint

Paint doesn’t always come out the way it looks on the tin. Use your tester pots to paint a small patch of wall before you do the whole room. Leave it up for a day so you can judge it in all different types of light before you commit.

9. Use primer 

Some people are put off using a primer when repainting, but to skip this step would be a mistake. If you use a primer and an undercoat, life will be much easier when you get to the top coat.

10. Brush the tricky spots first

The bulk of your wall painting can be done at speed with a big roller, but the corners are usually more fiddly. Do these areas with a brush before moving on to the large, open spaces and you’ll have a quality finish in no time.

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