Things you should pay attention to when you’re shopping for a home

House hunting can be overwhelming, but the trick is not to allow the countless viewings cloud your vision. Here are our top tips for staying savvy while embarking on your home search.

Things to pay attention to when house huntingSet your priorities

Before visiting any property, sit down and draft your predominant requirements. Once the list is complete, condense it into three to five essentials, for example a definitive number of bedrooms or a spacious garden. Commit your needs to memory and keep them in mind while embarking on viewings. It will help you avoid becoming carried away on your home search.  

Compare all the options

Draw up a comparison chart to ensure you remember the pros and cons of each property you visit. This document will allow you to narrow down your options and assist with the final decision.

Take plenty of notes

It’s easy to become swept away when house hunting. Jotting down notes as you survey properties will allow you to organise your thoughts and make a rational choice about your relocation. Ask to take photos and videos and sketch out a rough floor plan featuring the layouts and dimensions of the rooms.

Go into enough detail

List factors such as which way the windows face, as the natural light a house receives is important. Their size and aspect will also affect your enjoyment of the property, along with the value if you resell. You might also wish to bring notes with you on your home search, including the proportions of your furniture. If you’re aiming to take a treasured bed frame or large sofa with you, you’ll need a room with a requisite size.

Search high and low

It’s worth peeking in places that are less than obvious when buying a home. Crouch down, peer up and look inside cupboards and wardrobes to gain an accurate sense of the space. Take in the details that are usually glossed over, such as damp corners hidden by sofas. Check under rugs and around windowsills to assess whether the property for sale will require more upkeep than is being let on.

Think outside the box

The house itself is the star of the show, but it’s important to take in broader situational features. Ideally, the parking will be roomy and off road: a garage may even be one of your priorities. Inquire about the location, too. As well as having to live in the area, it will be a factor when it comes to selling the property. The quality of nearby schools, for example, can affect not only the type of demographic in the neighbourhood but also the price of your home.

Envision yourself there

While focusing on certain details is vital while house hunting, it’s still valuable to use your imagination. If you can picture yourself living in a property, it’s likely there’s a reason for that.

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