Top 10 tips for selling your home during the Christmas holidays

The holidays are a busy time for everybody: apart from estate agents, that is. When it comes to selling a property, homeowners tend to discount the Christmas and New Year period as a potential time to tackle the task. Yet there are definite benefits to placing your house on the market during this period.

Tips for selling your home during Christmas

Here, we share our handy tips for selling your home during the holidays.  

1. Seek a dedicated real estate agent

Selecting the right real estate agent is vital. It’s necessary to find a trustworthy representative who won’t unexpectedly duck out at a key moment. When selling your home during the holidays, choose a reputable agent with consistently high reviews, optionally opt for someone who is recommended by a friend.

2. Find the right buyer

Individuals motivated enough to househunt during Christmas are likely to have a strong reason for doing so, such as needing to relocate for work. Hone in on buyers with a deadline to ensure a quick and successful sale.

3. Preparation is key

Complete as much of the administration and paperwork before the holiday season rolls around. Create your fitting and fixtures list, obtain a current energy performance certificate, and collate any planning consent in advance to prevent last-minute stress.

4. Take high-quality photos

Invest in professional photographs to increase the chance of selling your home during the holidays. If time permits, organise for images to be taken in the spring and summer months when the light is softer and more flattering.

5. Pay attention to the outside

Similarly, your home’s exterior can appear slightly starker and less inviting in the winter months. To enhance its curb appeal, ensure your garden is pristine by touching up the paintwork wherever necessary before allowing viewings.

6. Invest in multimedia

Bring your home’s natural charm to life by commissioning a polished video of its interior and exterior. This way, potential investors unable to visit in person due to weather or holiday commitments can gain a realistic impression of your property.

7. Deck the halls!

One of the advantages of selling your home over Christmas is that the cosiness of the season ensures it feels extra welcoming. Wrap a string of twinkling lights around the bannister, drape a garland over the mantelpiece and cast a merry glow in your living room with candlelight.

8. Don’t be a Scrooge

Life can be hectic at the end of the year, so be as accommodating as possible. You’re much more likely to sell your home during the holidays if you handle last-minute changes with a smile.

9. Take advantage of a quiet market

Over the festive season, the fuss and noise surrounding the property market disappears. You’ll be able to gain a clearer picture of the overall buying landscape and are also more likely to receive a larger share of your estate agent’s time.

10. Be patient

You may receive fewer viewings during the Christmas period, but they’re more likely to be from committed buyers. Remain cool, and refrain from jumping into the first sale.

Whether you’re selling your home during the holidays or are aiming to purchase a property, peruse our website to see how our committed team at Engel & Völkers can assist.

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