Our top properties for the Euro 2016 quarter-finals

Portugal, Belgium, Germany, France or Italy? The pool of favourites for this year’s European championship is shrinking rapidly. Just in time for the quarter-finals, we bring you an exclusive look into selected properties from the countries whose teams are still in the competition.


Our top properties for Euro 2016 quarter-finalsModern and impressive

Exquisitely positioned near Lagos on the Algarve, this property is outstanding inside and out. Modern living spaces with high ceilings, large windows and elegant interior design lend the property a particularly exclusive feel.

Euro 2016 fact: If the Portuguese national team strives to equal this property in style and character, this should turn out to be a very successful European championship.

More information: W-0246B6



Our top properties for Euro 2016 quarter-finalsA successful synthesis

On this country estate in Belgium’s Destelbergen, modern elements combine effortlessly with elements of classic, rustic style. The harmony between the interior spaces, garden and the surrounding area make this property a real gem.

Euro 2016 fact: The synthesis of styles in this manor house creates thoroughly comfortable living spaces – a stunning achievement, almost without compare. If the Belgian national team prove themselves to be this good at combining different tactics, they’ll be hard to beat.

More information: W-0243NV



Our top properties for Euro 2016 quarter-finalsTimeless class

As one of the most imposing properties in the Dusseldorf area, this grand property in an exclusive Alt-Meererbusch location offers a timeless, classic feel. This property is the epitome of luxury, in terms of decoration, dimension and location.

Euro 2016 fact: If the German national team shows as much elegance and class as this outstanding property, victory is almost guaranteed.

More information: W-0235ET



Our top properties for Euro 2016 quarter-finalsA luxury property with incomparable views

“Villa Eden – Gardone”, in an incomparable location on Lake Garda, provides outstanding exclusivity and quality. Luxury fittings and a fantastic lakeside view combine with an open-plan living and dining area with integrated kitchen, among a host of other outstanding features, to make this modern villa really stand out.

Euro 2016 fact: If the Italian football team show their unique qualities, just like the villa on Lake Garda, the Euro 2016 is definitely within reach.

More information: W-020PJV



Our top properties for Euro 2016 quarter-finalsIdyll meets lifestyle

Dreams really do come true: Live exclusively in one of the most attractive locations in the whole Mediterranean. The modern mansion by Le Golfe Juan on the Côte d’Azur is an impressive example of the elegance and quality of the properties on the French Riviera.

Euro 2016 fact: As so often, France’s properties show their best side. The French football team can also prove that they can play an elegant, stylish game.

More information: W-0250AE


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