The top properties for the EURO round of sixteen (Part I)

Being represented in 36 countries, including Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, France and Germany, we at Engel & Völkers are not only aware of the footballing qualities of each of the nations that have made it to the second round, but also know exactly where their countries’ strengths lie. In order to give you a small taste of the beauty of these countries, our article series will introduce you to some property highlights.


The top properties for the EURO quarter-finals (Part I)
Exciting perspectives

This stunningly beautiful villa in Lagos, which offers great views of the landscaped garden and the adjacent golf course, is truly enthralling. Portuguese real estate is just as spectacular as its quality of football.

Bottom line: A beautiful place and an attractive property, which allows you to be a little closer to the stars of  “Seleção” such as Cristian Ronaldo.

Further information: W-0246B6



Die Top-Immobilien zum EM-Achtelfinale (Teil I)Luxury and classiness wherever you look

If you are seeking first class living and unbeatable comfort, look no further than France’s luxury real estate on the Côte d’Azur: with a living area of over 730 sqm, an infinity pool, and a spacious spa and wellness area, this luxury villa in Les Hauteurs exceeds all expectations. Designed for high demands, this villa is an ideal place for the “Les Bleus” players to relax during their summer break and recover from the European Championships.

Bottom line: Seizing this opportunity is almost like winning the finals.

Further information: W-0250AE



The top properties for the EURO quarter-finals (Part I)

A consistently high standard

This charming property in one of Munich’s most desirable residential areas is equipped with every conceivable comfort. With its luxurious swimming pool and spacious layout, the property offers a high standard of living throughout. Its extensive green area and spacious design make it an ideal retreat for football stars to relax after a stressful match.

Bottom line: A perfect place to escape the stress of everyday life and still be in the big city – a lifestyle that many footballers prefer, especially in Munich. 

Further information: W-021ZSZ



The top properties for the EURO quarter-finals (Part I)

Creativity and variety

This Belgian estate in Destelbergen offers everything you need for a life of comfort, including wine cellar, lush gardens, and a fully equipped living area. A tasteful selection of materials and attention to detail is found throughout. The estate and its green garden is an ideal place for football stars and their families to enjoy peace and solitude.

Bottom line: Just like Belgian real estate, the Belgian national team is known for its creativity and class.

Further information: W-0243NV



The top properties for the EURO quarter-finals (Part I)

Success through attention to detail

This Swiss property in Graubünden, close to the popular ski resort of St. Moritz, is in a class of its own and offers a luxurious interior with pine wood elements and much attention to detail. Even Swiss national team players will go into raptures at the sight of this property. 

Bottom line: Just like the Swiss national team, this property is well appointed throughout. 

Further information: W-021Z5L


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