How about this unique villa in Son Vida?

Today we would like to introduce you to a very special villa! In our real estate portfolio is where you will find the Villa Chamäleon – a spectacular villa in Son Vida on Mallorca!

Son Vida, located in the outskirts of Palma de Mallorca, is a unique location for any property – but this unique villa is an absolute highlight – inside and out. First of all let’s take a look at the photos of the object on our website.

Pool of a high quality equipped villa (Son Vida)

Imposing villa in best location, Son Vida, Mallorca

Life, light, lifestyle

Light effects are the key word for this fantastic property, when speaking of the outer facades made of crystals. On the surface of the crystals, the viewer can admire the color play of a sophisticated LED technology. This allows the owner to decide the colors in which the house will shine at night – whether it shines brightly, rather gently or is discreetly illuminated.

Modern living rooms with an elegant layout and large windows that make the house interior bright and friendly are an essential feature of this high-quality luxury property.

The lifestyle that one enjoys as the owner of this villa could hardly be more stylish and luxurious. Situated on a hillside, the property overlooks the surrounding areas and offers a view of the sea and the port of Palma de Mallorca. A paradisiacally beautiful garden completes the property from the outside perfectly. The property itself consists of three houses: a main house on three floors and two adjoining buildings. In the main house is where living area, the kitchen, a TV room, a wine cellar, a library and the bedrooms are located. The first side house offers you three heated pools, one of them inside the house. The second side house is a 200 sqm guest house with its own driveway.

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