A villa in the green garden of Mallorca

The natural landscape of the municipality of Artá in Mallorca is the ideal location for a villa. The community is located in the north-east of the Balearic island and has a rich flora, hidden coves and small fishing villages. Let yourself be inspired by Artá and its prime real estate!

Sixty kilometers from the island’s capital Palma de Mallorca, one can find a diverse region with something new ready to be discovered at all times. Its name is Artá, and it is located in close proximity to your Villa. The name derives originally from the Arabic, in which “Gertan” means as much as “garden”. There couldn’t be a better choice for the location of your property. You love nature, have a soft spot for small Spanish villages with winding streets and appreciate relaxation in peace and away from the everyday hustle and bustle in your villa. Whether on the terrace, in your large pool or in your stylish interior – in your villa is where you feel good.

Villa in Artá – natural diversity and Mediterranean charm

Property with pool and large estate (Artá)

Impressive property with its own wine stock, Artá, Mallorca

In Artá there is a large mountain range: The so-called Serres de Llevant. It is largely uninhabited and is home to an abundance of Mediterranean plant species, which the region owes its name to. If you take a trip to one of these mountains from your nearby villa, you will get to enjoy the sheer stunning views over Artá ‘s peninsula: Wide, green plains and hills, extending up to the Mediterranean. You will even be able to view the city of Artá from here, as it is the largest city in the region. Here you will also find a theater, which regularly hosts concerts of classical music and a museum of Mallorcan history. In addition, a weekly market and a craft market are held in the city every week.

Then continue towards the coast, you can explore a mysterious cave. When you return to your villa at night, you may notice: In Artá, every day is a real experience. Your new villa in the natural idyllic Artá offers everything you need for a balanced life in the Mallorcan sun.

Whether you are looking for a retreat of a special kind, or would like to explore the gardens of Mallorca in its multifaceted landscape – when choosing a location for your property you should definitely consider Artá.