Your villa in the mountains of Deià

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The village of Deià is similar to the vision of a simple, rustic mountain village where the world is literally “still okay”. Places like this are rare in Mallorca and even the whole world: The simplicity and serenity that exudes this place promise of a life full of satisfaction. A life that you can live in the future in a villa by Engel & Völkers.

Deià lies on the West Coast of Mallorca in the shadow of the Puig des Teix. The village is home to just 700 inhabitants and is spread over three terraced “stages”: At the bottom is the core of the village, with a few small, but very elegant restaurants and museums. From here you can also reach the small shingle coves, of which some are even grottos flushed by the sea. On the middle level lies a single main street. It connects the two neighboring towns Valldemossa and Sóller with Deià. The upper level is crowned by a small church with a historic cemetery. A village with wanderlust-guarantee that you can make into your home with your own villa.

Property with views of the sea (Deià)

Property with stunning sea views, Deià, Mallorca

A villa in the village of artists

For centuries Deià has attracted the creative spirits of the community: Pablo Picasso, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Michael Douglas – they all have settled in Deià and were looking for tranquility in a place where mountains and sea are closer together than almost anywhere else. What makes Deià so interesting is also the fact that English is spoken like a main language here, and you can barely hear any Mallorcan idioms anymore. Hosting a high proportion of non-Spaniards has helped merge the village into a multilingual society. Let yourself be inspired and find your very own inspiration in your villa in Deià!

Some places in the world are so fascinating, so enchanting and inspiring that they offer a significant increase in quality of life. Deià is one such place. Inspire and check the individuality of the place.

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