A villa in Western Mallorca: a piece of paradise in the Mediterranean

The westernmost region of Mallorca is called Andratx. Surrounded by pine, orange groves and almond trees is where your personal retreat is located. Embedded in the countryside, with stunning views of the Port of Andratx and the sea, your villa in Andratx offers complete privacy and yet all possibilities for varied leisure activities – fulfill your dream of owning your own paradise!

The Andratx region is crisscrossed by hills and valleys. Impressive rock formations, sea cliffs and coastal roads determine the surrounding landscape of your new villa. An ideal region for sunny convertible rides or a trip to one of the numerous coves, where you can find complete seclusion and tranquility. Or climb one of the mountains and enjoy the fantastic sight of the valleys in front of you.

Andratx Town and Port d’Andratx as cultural hotspots

The largest resort in the region is same-titled city of Andratx, which is centrally located in one of the fertile valleys. Small streets and squares immediately show: Andratx is a traditional village with Mallorcan flair. The extremely high quality of dining options are settled on the central square, Plaça España.

Spacious villa amidst picturesque surroundings (Andratx)

Villa in a fantastic location, Andratx, Mallorca

The cultural highlights, that you can reach from the comfort of your home, are the weekly market, the Castell de Son Mas, the parish church of Santa Maria or the Centro Cultural Andratx. Every Wednesday you can visit the weekly market, which is very popular and which both locals and tourists alike. Visitors are offered various local specialties such as meat, sausages, fruits and vegetables. The Castell de Mas is a historic building from the 19th century, which today serves as the town hall and town council office. This imposing building, along with the surrounding botanical garden – surrounded by palm trees and fragrant cypress trees – is worth a visit. However, if you want to walk in the footsteps of the past, the parish church of Santa Maria from the 13th century is the right destination. In 2001 is when an art museum was also opened in Andratx, which presents a wide range of contemporary art to culture enthusiasts. This museum is called the Centro Cultural Andratx and is known throughout Europe.

You can also leave your property aiming for the Port d’Andratx. This ancient port exudes genuine Mediterranean romance and invites you to a glass of wine or a relaxing dinner. Another highlight: the port serves as a focal point for fishermen who supply directly the harbor restaurants with fresh fish. Furthermore, your ship can find its berth here – right near your stylish luxury villa.

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