Want more? Then you want a house on Ibiza!

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Many properties in Ibiza are excellent and are located in a picturesque and varied environment. Not just a house has met your taste.

As soon as you had arrived at your house on Ibiza, the island showed itself to you from a different perspective: Now you can take on activities in your leisure time, for which you may have not had the time during a vacation.

Terrace of a property on Ibiza, overlooking the harbor and the sea

Dream of property in a prime location, Ibiza

Ibiza is praised by its inhabitants for its diversity, there is something for everyone here: whether you are a gourmet or an amateur athlete, active vacationer and beach lover, you will find far more than just your home in Ibiza – you will find happiness!

From now on you can test a whole range of restaurants and enjoy delicacies that you picked consciously and full of anticipation after seeing them on a pretty board outside of the restaurant. How about a Sopa de ajo as a starter or a lemon sorbet for dessert?

On Ibiza there is a wide range of culinary specialties. The restaurants are varied and tailored to the different customers needs. Leave your stylish home and explore the fish restaurants or tapas bars.

You want to exercise after so much good food? How about a mountain bike tour to the pirate tower Ses Portes? Drive past salt fields and nature reserves and enjoy the view! You prefer to be physically active in your new home? No problem! In the pool of your property, you can take laps anytime.

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