Warm and friendly: yellow as a design trend

While in 2015 the color white in its many variations served as the base color for interior design trends, the new year is bringing us fresh tones of yellow.  Would you like your home to radiate warmth and light-heartedness?

Warm and friendly: yellow as a design trendYellow walls or yellow wallpaper are a great way to let sunny vibes into your kitchen, breakfast room or winter garden. Be it a delicate eggshell yellow or a bright shade of sunflower – there are no limits to the choice of available colours. Yellow stands for joie de vivre, it energises, is mood-enhancing and optimistic. The colour should always be used purposefully, as it might otherwise dominate the room interior. The bedroom in particular should be kept in low-key colours.

Colour combinations with yellow

Combining yellow and white makes a room appear summerly and open. If you prefer something more subtle, keep most of the room in white and simply use yellow decor to accentuate.
Combined with grey, yellow becomes a highlighter. Elegant, dark walls or wall areas set a nice accent which can be brightened up with yellow accessories. Black, too, provides a suitable counterbalance. But be sure not to use too many colours in your interior design. Follow the credo: less is more.

The most daring can contrast yellow accessories with gentle shades of pink. Dusky pink and mustard yellow in particular convey a touch of femininity and retro-chic. However, this combination should be used as a discreet highlight, not as the primary room colours.

Berry tones like deep burgundy or violet also offer a nice contrast to the yellow. Yellow accessories are beautiful and impressive eye-catchers, especially on walls shaded in purple. In order to further enhance this contrast, you could also use bright hues such as canary yellow or a gaudy lemon yellow.

Even yellow furniture is becoming quite popular. It makes the room appear brighter, and thus larger. Generally, the colour yellow is suitable for setting a single colour accent: bright yellow cushions, wallpaper or selected pieces of furniture can be used in 2016 to convey a sense of happiness and well-being.

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