3 ways to create a barbecue terrace

Your garden is an outdoor extension of your home, and it should provide all the comforts and luxuries that you can find indoors. As the days grow longer and warmer, more activities and mealtimes can be transported outdoors to make the most of the pleasant evening temperature. To ensure that dinner can be easily prepared in the great outdoors, turn your patio into a welcoming barbecue terrace that can host your family and friends with these three inspiring ideas.

3 ways to create a barbecue terrace

1) An outdoor barbecue room

Combine the shelter and comforts of being indoors with the natural surroundings of your garden by adding a small extension to your home. This could be in the form of a roof or pergola supported by beams or columns like at this modern luxury chateau in Aspen, Colarado.

The barbecue here forms part of a whole cooking station with ample workspace for stirring up plenty of delicious meals. The interior stpace of the chateau blends flawlessly with the outside, showcasing the same rich wooden beams and doors throughout, while a window acts as a stylish portal between the kitchen and the outdoors.

An architect can assess how and where it’s best to create this sheltered terrace, and whether an extension of your roof is possible. Some barbecues are designed to be flexible too, so you can roll them to different positions depending on light and wind direction. With doors or a whole wall made out of glass, you can blur the boundary between the outdoors and indoors so your guests feel comfortable wandering in and out.

3 ways to create a barbecue terrace

2) A cooking hut

Rather than having your external eating area attached to your property, you can also create a freestanding kitchen or cooking hut. The physical separation allows you to escape from your everyday house and routine when you come outside to cook and enjoy being in nature.

Rustic cabin designs made from timber and centred around a log fire provide a relaxing retreat from the noises of everyday life, while a modern barbecue terrace, complete with built-in lighting, heating and a sound system provides an ideal set-up for hosting a party. This style of bbq area also lends itself to a Mediterranean stone build with comfortable, colourful textiles and low seating arrangements.

3) A poolside bar

If your pool is a central feature in your garden, design a bar or barbecue terrace that sits alongside the water’s edge. Enjoy the luxury of being able to swim up to a marble bar to collect your ice-cold drink, or cool your feet in the pool while you tuck into your meal. You might want to keep the cooking facilities a little more basic poolside, so opt for more counter space that can be used to prepare and hold a buffet for people to sample. Seating areas can then be formed with wicker chairs and loungers, or with large cushions scattered underneath canopies and parasols.

For more inspiration regarding bbq area ideas, or to consider properties that already have outdoor cooking facilities or poolside kitchens, take a look at our property search.

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