4 front porch ideas to transform your home

First impressions are everything. Whether you’re readying your home for the market or looking to impress visiting friends, your front porch is perhaps the most important design element of your property’s exterior. Below are four front porch ideas to help boost the curb appeal of your home.

4 front porch ideas to transform your home

1. The cosy and welcoming porch

Good front porch designs lure you in, drawing attention to the entrance of your property. This is especially important in the depths of winter, when your front porch welcomes you home after a long day in the office. A strong winter porch aesthetic should incorporate seasonal foliage, such as a Christmas wreath. Rich, dark greens create a cosy and natural look. Berries are a simple way to add a touch of colour.

To balance the deep green tones, add an element of natural wood. Storing firewood by the front door is a great way to bring wood into the design, and comes with a practical bonus.

2. The grand and imposing porch

For centuries, porches have been used as an architectural feature to lend grandeur to a building. From the public buildings of ancient civilisations to the regal Georgian townhouses of 18th century England, throughout history the key to a grand porch has been a set of powerful columns, coupled with some simple steps.

While simplicity of form is so important to the effect of front porch designs, it is material that lends these features their charm. Brick steps have a real presence, while stone is a popular choice for columns and pillars.

3. The open and social porch

Taking inspiration from the wide and open porches of America’s southern states, some properties use the front porch as a social space. If you have the space to work with, think about including furniture. Swing chairs in particular capture the laid-back aesthetic of porch living.
Open porches are best enjoyed in the summer months, so bear that in mind when furnishing and decorating. Clean, pale shades work best, reflecting the bright summer sun.

4. The floral and natural porch

The front of your home is an opportunity to showcase your finest horticultural achievements. From a simple pair of bay trees either side of the door, to an overflowing grape vine draped across an awning or trellis, it’s your choice just how elaborate your floral front porch ideas are.

Climbing plants such as sweet peas and ivy offer a quick way to overhaul the space. Wall boxes and small flowerbeds are a simple option for more understated floral additions. If it’s a second home, lend some thought to how much maintenance the plants will require.

Porches offer a chance to get creative with design, and to put a real stamp of personality on the exterior of your home. As we’ve seen, there is a breadth of options and styles of front porch. The secret to getting it right lies in matching your front porch ideas to the style of property and the climate where you live.

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